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While the future of print journalism is continually being questioned, it is still the most valid form of journalistic narration. I’ve written for both PC Zone, the UK’s leading PC Gaming magazine and for a local magazine circulated in the north of England, Exposed. It’s proof that I can can be trusted with content and am able to meet strict deadlines.

Due to the nature of copyright, actual samples of my work at PC Zone cannot be replicated. Please contact Future Publishing for reprints if you wish. Sadly PC Zone witnessed it’s last issue this September (2010) and I wrote a half page review as a goodbye.

PC Zone, Future Publishing, Leading National UK PC Magazine

October 2009 Issue:

  • Half Page Review – Wallace & Gromit in Muzzled! 
  • Half Page Review – Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince 
  • Full Page Review – Time Gentlemen, Please! 
  • Double Page Feature – State of Play: Dawn of War II 
  • Double Page News – October 2009 PC Gaming News 
  • Four Page Transcription – Interview With Kieran Brigden

November 2009 Issue:

  • Half Page Review – East India Company 
  • Full Page Feature – NeoToyko Feature 
  • Double Page Feature – Monthly Freeware

Christmas 2009 Issue:

  • 8 Pages of Content – Freeplay Section
  • Double Page Review – The Secret World
  • Full Page Review – Resident Evil 5

January 2010 Issue:

  • Column – Review of 2009

September 2010 Issue:

  • Half Page Review – Railworks

Exposed Magazine, ThreeBlindMice Media, Sheffield and Doncaster

  • Half Page Review – City of Heroes / Villains – Link

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