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Tennis Video, Watsky & Writing

I’ve been on a bit of a filming binge recently. I recently recorded some thoughts on Watsky’s first UK show (which was excellent) and then at the weekend, some tennis action complete with shaky cam. I also put some pen to paper for one of the most personal gaming articles I’ve written. A while ago I wrote and semi-lamented that I was coming out the other side of my gaming habit, but oddly my grandfather’s passing helped bring me back.

It seems, as the article suggests, despite an increase in gaming activity, I’m still finding more time to still play tennis regularly, learn Italian, sell stuff on eBay, socialise loads and go to the cinema most weeks. Maybe it’s helped me realise that it wasn’t gaming that was taking up my time, but refreshing the same websites over and over again.

Oh, I also bought a new camera lens, but more on when that arrives.

How To De-Mundane Your Life on YouTube

First a photo, then a video? Whatever next, some words? Enjoy, I had fun making this.

A Dramatised Business Call in Video

Two exciting things. The first is above – another video. I think it’s the best effort yet (though there’s only two other things to compare to). The feedback’s been fantastic and I do have to thank everyone who’s provided honest criticism. I’ve been enjoying the filming and editing a lot, and while it doesn’t really matter what people think, it’s good to receive such lovely comments.

The second is an informational white paper I wrote for Bamboo PR – you can download the finished PDF over here. It basically explains what PR is while focusing on media relations. Be sure to share around.

YouTube Continues & Barcelona Complete

It’s been a bit busy on the site this weekend. There was my first YouTube effort, a round-up of Barcelona’s exploits, a new (hopefully) helpful page for those interested in my personal travel advice, and a new showcase of Barcelona photography. I’ve always watched Wild Cherry (2009), Limitless and Priest. The only decent one was Limitless. Oh, and I made this video.

My Silent Review of The Artist

Man of many talents they say. What’s left? Video! I’ve never done anything with video. Good Twitter friends Mike Bell and Lydia are two people who have inspired the above video. Recently I reviewed Shame but wanted to do something a bit different with yesterday’s The Artist. I’ve always been keen on trying YouTube and filming, so with a spark of inspiration sitting on the Tube back from the cinema, I hatched the above plan.

Expect more soon. Very soon.


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