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Kitchen Science in 1964

Time to go back to the past again. It’s Sunday which means another post from Home Management 1964. Last time was eating habits – today’s the magical world of kitchen improvements and the supposed science behind it. Yes, people did studies into the perfect kitchen layout (in all honesty, they probably still do), but a well designed kitchen was a larger deal when it was the women’s destiny to occupy it. It really is amazing how the world has changed for the better in 50 short years. Yes, cutlery draws really were an amazing invention once…


Eating Habits & Supermarket Predictions From 1964

Yesterday I introduced the 1964 book, Home Management and today I continue with its dated words of wisdom. This post needs little explanation – supermarkets did indeed move towards conveyor belts, but only at the end of the shopping process. Calories have been cut by around 1,000 – presumably because of the  movement to desk-based work. Finally, the majority of people do indeed cook ready-meals and yes, we all do freeze our food (amazing). For shame. The above image of an old Supermarket is fantastic!

Welcome To Home Management – 1964

The last couple weeks have seen me photograph some old school books of mine. It allows me to get rid of the hard copies and preserve my life online (or at least the interesting parts of it). Today I came across Newnes’ Home Management written by Alison Barnes. Why is this random two volume collection significant? It was written in 1964 for women (because men obviously didn’t look after the house making then).

It covers every aspect of the ‘modern’ home and is a fascinating social document. Obviously I can’t (and don’t want to) scan the entire book due to copyright. Instead, as law allows, I’ll share sections, images, photographs and pages from the two books so you can laugh as much as me at just how quickly the UK has changed. Social class, gender roles, child rearing, racism – it’s all in here. Some of the advice is still relevant today, but much of it looks horribly dated. If you have any similar books you’d like to share, let me know on Twitter.

If this proves successful, expect plenty more scans of old books in the future – consider this the beginning of a curatorial process.  Anyway, I leave you with an extract from the book’s Foreword (does it sound like your home?), and a wonderfully 60’s image of womankind.

Victorian History Circa 1998

I’m a historian. OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration. I did however learn a fair bit of History while at school. I’m still working my way through old school books and photographing the pages that deserve to be saved forever (the first post was an R.E. book here). In 1998 we learned about Victorian times, so much so that our teacher decided to make us act Victorian for the day – I wonder if schools still hold mock Victorian days… Beatings for everyone!


Art Attack

It seems like you’re all enjoying the R.E. 1996 book upload I did last night. Maybe you’ll appreciate the below – a fantastic art attempt from yours truly. Who’d know I’d turn into someone who’s capable of the above photography. By the way, Faces of London is back and in full swing. The new D7000 has made sure of that – be sure to RSS back up to keep on top of things or follow the account FacesUK on Twitter.


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