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Merry Depressing Man

In reality (having had a quick chat with him) this man smiles a lot and is happy, but I’ve been wanting to photograph him for ages. He’s in the same spot but never regularly. Tonight was the perfect light and setting. No-one was about. Nailed it.

Post Olympic Photography

Still waiting for my lens. Some choice shots.

Olympic Kiss

Well, London 2012 has begun. I met some friends I met in Madrid yesterday to watch the opening ceremony and we wandered around London beforehand. Westminster Abbey was cool, (I’d never been there before). This was outside old Liz’s place. Reminds me of this.

Rain Rain, Go Away

London is wet. That is all. Enjoy a resurgence of street photography.


Worn Face

Not much to say today. I’ve watched the excellent 1962 version of Cape Fear, For a Few Dollars More and Source Code. Compared to last week, the selection of films have been a lot better. I just wanted to share the above photo, which has entered my 2012 showcase. Love the woman’s face. It’s over at Faces of London as well.


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