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Olympic Kiss

Well, London 2012 has begun. I met some friends I met in Madrid yesterday to watch the opening ceremony and we wandered around London beforehand. Westminster Abbey was cool, (I’d never been there before). This was outside old Liz’s place. Reminds me of this.

Time Flies

Has it almost been a month since my last post? Crazy. Anyway, I’ve been struggling a bit with photography this year even when I’ve been away on holiday. It could be because I got a new camera or just general burnout. Anyway, today was the first day I really enjoyed hitting the streets and it’s paid off. Hopefully I’m over the worse and it was just a phase.

Late Night Tube Photography

Despite my love of the Underground and photography, I rarely mix both together. Last Friday when I was heading home on a late train (around 11PM), I got the camera out. I often read about ways to improve your photography and challenge your conventions. Obviously picking a niche and honing your craft is a good way to do it (I think I’m slowly getting there).

Sticking to a single focal length, area, lens or photography type are other ways. So constrained to a Tube carriage I tried to look at different angles, shapes and things in the train to come up with some work. Not my most impressive work, but still pretty cool – that bee was gigantic by the way, it was scaring what little passengers were on the train.

All work is under copyright.

Fantastic Mr Fox

I visited my cousin last Monday and there was a fox, bold as brass, sitting in her garden. For her it’s an ordinary occurrence, but we’ve only ever had one fox in ours and that was at night. It was happy to sit there as I took the above two photos. I love both, the first is a brooding shot while the second makes it look so happy as it scratches.

Hitching A Ride

Lovely image for One A Day, naturally showcased on Faces of London.


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