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Today’s One A Day (another photo I’m afraid) comes from the Albert Memorial in Hyde Park. It was a dull, dull day for photography, yet that doesn’t mean shots like the above don’t come about. It just makes them that little bit harder to get hold of. Pretty big

In case you missed the other awesome photography news of the day, you can catch up here.

Circular Red Sculpture

Hyde Park, odd sculpture, gloomy day. The only processing on this is the reduction of colour on the reflection. Apart from that, the red is as red as it is in person.

Queens Park

Hey Londoners (and around the UKers). How often do you look up at the average building? Probably never. When in the US everyone I met was amazed with the UK and it’s old, quaint buildings which is something, as a local, you don’t really notice. Take this average house near Hyde Park – it sure does beat the stucco houses of the US…

Expect more photo One A Days as I get through yesterday’s shots.

Exploring London

In an effort to see more of the city I’ve called my home for 22 years, Sean and I went into London with our cameras today. A close-your-eyes-and-point approach chose Bayswater. From there we explored the full extent of Hyde Park ending up in Belgravia where we touristed-up and took in the ever underwhelming Buckingham Palace. From there we trudged to Westminster, had some food in an Italian cafe that seemed to be a favourite of American-tourist before getting the tube home. I’ve still to look through the shots I took, but I can already tell there’s a couple crackers.

We stumbled across an old Asian man who was feeding birds by hand. It was remarkable to watch and a total ‘luck find’ to photograph. So to conclude, it was a great way to spend a Sunday and good to get some gentle exercise and fresh air.



London Rooftops

Lovely evening light on a cold November day. I like how the different shape roofs contrast each other and cut the shot to various effects.


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