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San Fran Chair

San Fran Chair, originally uploaded by marcofiori.

This is a chair. At the top of a hill. Place randomly at a lookout point. What more do you need for a photo opportunity. San Francisco is truly a magical place.

Reflective Tree

The blue, green, reflection and peaceful nature of this photo makes it one of my favourites from my America 2010 trip. There’s not much more to say about this, it’s great.


The reason I chose this for today’s photo (aside from the lovely blue and red tones) is the fact it’s the first photo I’ve heavily edited in Photoshop using the clone stamp and content aware tool.

Personally I think content aware is a fantastic feature, but only if it’s used to remove distracting elements (a wire and a telegraph pole that was running through the sign). Other heavy use removes the original too far from what is what. Regardless, I’m looking forward to trying out some new techniques in some other tutorials that I’ve come across. Expect the results here eventually.

Pigeon & The Lamp

Today’s photo is a capture that’s was managed through complete luck. I was walking along Portales, New Mexico’s Main Street on a photo assignment with my Aunt under the instruction to shoot everything and everything for a magazine. I spotted a pigeon (my normal urban subject) and grabbed a perfectly in-focus shot. The lines in the image, the deep blue and the contrasting subjects work brilliantly. This won’t be used in the magazine, but it’s still a worthy capture in my opinion.


Dragonflies are such wonderful insects. Their little arms and delicate wings are beautiful and this photo does a cracking job at giving this little bug character. The background is perfectly blurred and it’s red eyes add a much needed dash of colour. I’ve got a couple similar shots coming up, but it’s rare that they stay so still in England.


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