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Time For Some Milan Photography

Phew, a month since my last update (a review of On The Road). I’m busy with a personal project I’ll be sharing soon, but I did manage to find the time for a couple weeks in Europe. I didn’t take much photography, just some shots around Milan. The set’s available on Flickr here.

Back From Alton Towers & Zoo Photography

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this. I went to London Zoo again and took some great photos last week. There’s not too much else to tell. I’ve just got back from Alton Towers which was fun. The above shot was taken there (with Instagram) on my phone. It’s a pretty decent photo. Say what you will about iPhone filter photography. It makes a great photo.

Fiori Photography

Another week goes by.

Merry Depressing Man

In reality (having had a quick chat with him) this man smiles a lot and is happy, but I’ve been wanting to photograph him for ages. He’s in the same spot but never regularly. Tonight was the perfect light and setting. No-one was about. Nailed it.

Welcoming The Lens of Awesome

A little while ago I mentioned I’d bought a new lens – it’s the new Nikkor 18 – 300mm DX. It’s heavy, but it doesn’t half offer a performance boost over my kit lens. It also holds the advantage of not having to switch lenses any more because of its length. I dropped into the garden to take these two – this is going to be fun. High resolution versions here.


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