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Happy New Year

Merry 2014. I’m back in the UK for two months (well, I have been since the 6th December). It’s been weird coming back to something so familiar, but as someone so different. It’s also been a real challenge not to slip back into old routines (the bad, unproductive ones), but I think I’ve coped well. 2013 really was the (cliche incoming) best year of my life, hands down.

It was a realisation of a long dream. 12 months saving and many more imagining what the world out East had to offer.

Expect cool things in 2014, though with less continental hopping.

Take care, Marco

Down Under

The time really does fly by when you’re working remotely and on the road 24/7. Since the last update, I spent a month in total for Hong Kong, sandwiched either side of two weeks in Mainland China – a big tick for me as it’s always been my number one country to visit.

After a quick stop to see the fire-prompted haze in Singapore, I spent six weeks in Australia (two in Sydney, three in a camper van all the way up to Cairns, and one in Melbourne.

I’m now in New Zealand for the next two months (one month in the north island using Auckland as a base of operations and one in the South going all LOTR on it).

After that I’m returning to Sydney for the rest of the year until heading back to the UK for two months at Christmas. 2014 holds some pretty special plans, but more on that soon.

I’m Still Alive

Another three months fly by. Since my last ‘I’m alive’ update, I’ve spent more time in Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and now I’m in Hong Kong / China for the months of May / June. Not much else to report – an update about South East Asia on No Film Left is coming soon.

I’m Alive

Life goes incredibly quick. The last update on this site was Christmas day 2012. Since then I’ve left work full time, started to travel the world instead and been to Thailand and Burma. The adventure which is my life is only beginning, so don’t expect many updates on here at all. Musings on travelling can be found over at

Thanks for all the support, but don’t worry about me. I’m alive – I’m just getting away from time wastes like Twitter and casual blogging to focus on experiencing life.



Introducing No Film Left – My New Travel Site

No Film Left

You might’ve wondered what I’ve been up to the past couple months (I gave a hint something magical was on its way). It’s no secret I’m a fan of travel and the more I do it, the more I fall in love with the culture around it, the writing on display and the people creating the stories. So, I decided I wanted to become part of that community and when I decide something like that, it generally means creating a website.

Thus, I present, No Film Left.

That name might confuse you. It might make no sense. In reality, a website’s name isn’t really a concern for me. If anything, something non-stereotypical gets people clicking.

Anyway, for a bit of background, it’s good to read the About Page. Over the coming months you’ll see all sorts of content go up while this site remains a professional portfolio and Faces of London handles the photography.

It is only possible through your support I can do these things, so if you have the time, following on Twitter (@NoFilmLeft) and liking the Facebook page would be really appreciated. Comments and subscriptions via RSS are equally welcome.


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