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Arkay, Barker & Deepmilo – Daybreak

I’m a big fan of house music (if you haven’t realised, I’m one of the three people who make up music website, The House Scouts). A while ago I shared a track from fellow Xboxer360 writer, Jeff Barker. He’s one part of tech-house trio, Arkay & Barker & Deepmilo and they’ve just released their second track, Daybreak.

It’s out on the TD Recordings label and is available in MP3 & WAV formats over on TrackItDown. The 320bit MP3 will only set you back £1.49. That’s less that a coffee. If you’re a fan of house, be sure to grab it. The Maidstone based DJs will surely be appreciative. It’s getting some big name support; feel free to bask in the greatness of the official blurb:

Early support from Roger Sanchez, Pete Gooding, Orde Meikle (SLAM), Sarah Main (Pacha), Roog / Hardsoul, Gavyn Mytchel, Joey Silvero, Nick Mentes, Sasha Le Monnier, Gabry Sangineto, The Abyss, Josh Dupont plus many more! Next up on TD Recordings is the second track from the very talented Maidstone based trio Arkay, barker & Deepmilo, with their fantastic summer house groove ‘Daybreak’. It received some great support from many big name DJs on the scene on our WMC Sampler and now it’s here just in time for the summer!

The track stylistically is a blend of tribal with it’s percussive groove and vocal chants which works brilliantly with the sunkissed synth parts. A track we feel will be getting rinsed on the terraces in Ibiza and beyond throughout the summer months! First up on remix duties is a Absolute monster of a Big Room / Progressive House remix from head honcho Tony Divino. His take on Daybreak takes it in a completely different direction. with a massive groove, pumping synths & epic breakdowns makes this the perfect recipe if your looking for something heavy hitting for the peak-time floors.

Next up on remix duties is Endemic Digital, Unrivaled Music & Sounds of Juan’s big cheese Wez Saunders with his wicked Deep House take on Daybreak. Think early Underworld and your halfway there in his own unique style, it’s no wonder he’s getting support from Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed, Umek, DJ Vibe, Nic Fanciulli, Danny Tenaglia to name a few. Plus with forthcoming tracks on Stripped Muzik Club (Stripped Digital & Hype Muzik) Baroque (Babylon Records), Technomafia plus many more it’s no wonder he’s so in-demand with this wicked take on it!

Last and certainly not least we’re thrilled to present Serotonin Thieves’ beast of a Tech House groove adding yet another dimension to the release. If Tech House is your bag you won’t be disappointed. With this absolute corker it’s no surprise these guys are getting support from heavyweights such as Tiesto, Pete Tong, Sasha, Roger Sanchez, Claude Von Stroke, Beltek, Nick Warren, Peter Gelderblom, David Tort, Tom Novy, Judge Jules plus many more!

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Ouidah – House Music Recommended

Courtesy of TID

Today’s One A Day is a short but sweet shoutout for Jeff Barker, my friend from Xboxer360. He’s a fellow house addict and heavily into electronic music – so much so that he does a weekly slot on House Nation UK (Thursdays 8-10PM). What this is really about is his new EP that everyone should check out.

Collaborating with Arkay and Deepmilo, they’ve put together a rhythmic Tech house stormer. Of course, if you’re not into House, you’ll struggle, but anyone who’s a fan of the genre should check it out over at Track It Down. It comes with an Original Edit, and two remixes courtesy of Will Clarke and Tony Divino. I particularly like the Will Clarke remix.

Anyone who wants to try before they buy (the small amount it costs) should check out Jeff’s Soundcloud page for 4 minute previews. Be sure to spread the news.

  • On a personal note, I’ve added a new Faces of London post looking at ‘wet’ street photography. You can find the photos here.

R.I.P. Gerry Rafferty

Courtesy of The Telegraph

I own very few CDs and the majority are either Dance compilations or memories of my brief stint as a 16 year old Metal head. One of the most odd inclusions in my collection is a copy of City to City by Gerry Rafferty. Best known for his hit, Baker Street, where an out-of-tune saxophone wails into your very consciousness with rhythm and soul, it’s power prompted me to pick up the full album several years ago. It’s a nice collection of folky tunes  (Right Down The Line being a personal favourite) that range from traditional love tunes to road-trip worthy knee-tappers.

Still, musical musings aside, I was saddened to read in this morning’s paper that Rafferty had died aged 63 (with my Dad at 60, it’s starting to shock me when people die so young). While I’d never seen him live or even indulged in his other works (maybe I should), he managed to leave a legacy in my own musical taste.

See, that ethereal sax was the first piece of pop-jazz that I heard and it’s safe to say that it gave my unholy love of the instrument in modern House music. This fact was further cemented with the first Funky House tune I heard, Destination Unknown (NSFW) by Alex Gaudino that also included the same device. The rest is history – every time I hear any song with a sax, it just hits a certain spot, especially a decent remix by Michael Mind (the only really good song he’s done) of the original Baker Street. It can be found here (scantily clad girls make it NSFW).

Of course, nothing can beat the original song. Maybe a one-hit wonder, but one that packs one hell of a hit.


Update 05.01.10 – He was of course, with his band Stealers Wheel, responsible for Stuck in the Middle With You.


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