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Grímsvötn Volcano Due To Cause Disruptions

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A while ago I posted some information about the Spanish Air Strikes (which have subsequently been called off). I also extensively blogged on the situation in Japan and the Fukushima situation prior to my trip.

Anyway, traveller woes are sadly part of the interconnected world and the biggest irritation isn’t really the cancellation, delay or re-route of a flight (although that does severely hit your holiday’s enjoyment), but rather it’s the fact confirmed information is notoriously difficult to get a hold of .

Last year’s Icelandic eruption (which blanketed European airspace with six days of closures and cost billions of pounds) was often mis-reported, causing further confusion for those stranded at airports. I myself was scheduled to visit Rome for a long weekend so I understand the annoyance.

Anyway, so here’s what we know so far – just announced (2.49PM 23rd May 11) by Sky News via Twitter.

Eurocontrol says ash cloud from Grímsvötn volcano expected to cover Scotland by 07:00 tomorrow morning.

Of course, the BBC has an extensive report of what’s about to happen. More information will be shared as soon as it becomes available.

  • Update 11.27PM – 23.05.11: Scottish airlines have begun to cancel flights as the ash cloud approaches the UK. There is no news on when it will leave.
  • Update 1.36PM – 24.05.11 – BA, and other airlines, begin to cancel flights to Scotland.
  • Update 12.21PM – 25.05.11 – With the ash cloud clearing, flights have begun to resume across the country. There is word that the cloud could return on Friday, weather depending.



Spanish Strike Dates 2011

I’ve been receiving a lot of traffic since yesterday searching for news on the Spanish air traffic control strikes that are set to hit the nation in Summer 2011. The following dates have been scheduled – you’ll need to contact your airline for full details on whether your flight will go ahead.

April – 20th-21st, 24th-25th and 30th
May – 2nd, 14th – 15th, 19th – 20th
June – 13th, 23rd and 30th
July – 1st-4th, 15th and 31st

Source | Insure & Go


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