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The Steam Project & Chime

Yay! Chelsea won. Football aside, I continued The Steam Project with a non Skyrim post (shock!). Game number 8 was Chime, a colourful geometry music puzzle game. Topic? How games can become musical discovery engines. As is customary, a link and an extract:

Its tagline is, “Place blocks, build quads, get coverage, make music,” – a convoluted strap for sure. What’s interesting about Chime is the way it appeals under so many monikers.  Some play the game for its puzzle qualities – others, its soothing electronica. For me it’s been a music discovery engine.

On an unrelated note, exciting news concerning photography soon. i.e., it’s returning.

More Skyrim Screenshots Over At The Steam Project

Remember this? Yes. Judging by the traffic that’s been shunted to that post, Google Images certainly does. I’m still playing Skyrim when I get a chance and decided to add some more screenshots to The Steam Project in a post that’s the first of its kind. Call it a more creative, visual entry into the project. High res versions are available here.

The Steam Project Goes Legit

A quick update for The Steam Project. It now has an official domain name – so instead of so ugly.tumblr address, you can reach it directly at Pretty nifty huh! Not only that, but to save my followers from update overload, there’s an official Twitter account. You can follow it at @TheSteamProject.

It’ll also allow me to tweet about Skyrim without anyone getting annoyed. Don’t worry though, @M_Fiori is still my main account and it’s a one-stop-shop for all things tech, PR, gaming and humour. And Puns.

In case you missed the most recent post, it’s the first of many on Skyrim. Posts will still be summarised here – all that’s changed is a focused Twitter account for people who want it, and an easier way to access the domain.

The Steam Project Returns With Disciples III: Resurrection

It lives! Then again it never died. One of the project’s main rules is a lack of time-pressure. I’ll work my way through my account without a set posting schedule. Today’s post is about Disciples III: Resurrection and in reality, nothing about the game. That’s what the project is all about. It’s not to review games, it’s to widen the discussion around them. The games themselves are mere jumping off points.

Anyway, it’s all about broken games and whether that should impact reviews.

Should the incomplete nature of a product impact upon the review score? What if it’s just you – surely your discussion is instantly defunct as it’s not a product-wide problem. It could be an isolated incident – you wouldn’t mark down a Blu-Ray film if it was skipping. It’s not the same for everyone, is it? It’s just that disk.

This is such a problematic matter – a grey area that is never easy to answer. How do you know you’re the only one with a problem – often reviews come prior to release so it isn’t until the game is dispatched that you’d learn whether it’s only you.


The Steam Project – Getting Into Character in Aliens vs. Predator (2010)

I’m back from Cannes! I have plenty of exciting news to share, and photography will be along shortly. Anyway, in the meantime here’s the latest Steam Project post. It’s about Aliens vs. Predator and getting into character in games. Do you ever find yourself doing that? Let me know on Twitter.

You see, the Spring of 2006 saw substantial time spent in my local LAN cafe playing AVP2. We’d all get into character playing Evacuation as we tried to survive. One would play as the Predator, meticulously planning their attack, slowly picking off the Marines. The others would blind-fire and team kill in the fear-induced panic. It was marvellous and while it was slower paced compared to other games of the time, we were all Aliens / Predator fans and let imaginations run wild.



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