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A Dramatised Business Call in Video

Two exciting things. The first is above – another video. I think it’s the best effort yet (though there’s only two other things to compare to). The feedback’s been fantastic and I do have to thank everyone who’s provided honest criticism. I’ve been enjoying the filming and editing a lot, and while it doesn’t really matter what people think, it’s good to receive such lovely comments.

The second is an informational white paper I wrote for Bamboo PR – you can download the finished PDF over here. It basically explains what PR is while focusing on media relations. Be sure to share around.

Quoted on PR Moment and Other Content

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Well haven’t I been busy (turning 23, etc.). Three content things to share with you today, all of which I’m very proud of.

  1. I was quoted on PR Moment talking about PR. Yes. Me. Quoted. How about that then.
  2. I really enjoyed Shadows of the Damned on X360 and wrote a stellar review on Strategy Informer.
  3. I banged out this opinion piece for photography site, Faces of London.

To save you scanning for my famous quote, here it is:

“If failing to target information to individual publications is a mistake, then sending out one mass mailing is surely a disaster! Yet this is a blunder the industry is sometimes slated for. Marco Fiori, account executive at agencyBamboo PR, says: “It comes up time and time again in criticism of the profession. Untargeted emailing, which is essentially spam, helps no one. We hate it when companies send us unsolicited mail, so why do we think that journalists appreciate it?”


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