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Introducing No Film Left – My New Travel Site

No Film Left

You might’ve wondered what I’ve been up to the past couple months (I gave a hint something magical was on its way). It’s no secret I’m a fan of travel and the more I do it, the more I fall in love with the culture around it, the writing on display and the people creating the stories. So, I decided I wanted to become part of that community and when I decide something like that, it generally means creating a website.

Thus, I present, No Film Left.

That name might confuse you. It might make no sense. In reality, a website’s name isn’t really a concern for me. If anything, something non-stereotypical gets people clicking.

Anyway, for a bit of background, it’s good to read the About Page. Over the coming months you’ll see all sorts of content go up while this site remains a professional portfolio and Faces of London handles the photography.

It is only possible through your support I can do these things, so if you have the time, following on Twitter (@NoFilmLeft) and liking the Facebook page would be really appreciated. Comments and subscriptions via RSS are equally welcome.

Tennis Video, Watsky & Writing

I’ve been on a bit of a filming binge recently. I recently recorded some thoughts on Watsky’s first UK show (which was excellent) and then at the weekend, some tennis action complete with shaky cam. I also put some pen to paper for one of the most personal gaming articles I’ve written. A while ago I wrote and semi-lamented that I was coming out the other side of my gaming habit, but oddly my grandfather’s passing helped bring me back.

It seems, as the article suggests, despite an increase in gaming activity, I’m still finding more time to still play tennis regularly, learn Italian, sell stuff on eBay, socialise loads and go to the cinema most weeks. Maybe it’s helped me realise that it wasn’t gaming that was taking up my time, but refreshing the same websites over and over again.

Oh, I also bought a new camera lens, but more on when that arrives.

Happy Birthday Me

Hello Friend, Family Member, Photographer, Colleague, Travel Acquaintance or mere random person. I’m 24 today. Yes. Twenty-Four. That’s the starts of mid twenties (if we operate a 3 year per term rule). Thanks to everyone for the kind congratulations, love, presents, Facebook message, tweets and affection. It seems the older I get, the less I care about birthdays but the more people care about me. It’s a nice situation to be in.

In Shock: Thoughts About Twitter

I believe in the shared self through writing. It’s a medium that provides an unrivaled openness. I wrote this in hospital, waiting for news on my unwell grandfather who had suffered a stroke. He sadly passed aged 90 and a half less than a week after the event.

The below isn’t finished, but like a short tweet, I don’t think it needs to be a complete piece of prose.

Everything is ridiculously trivial. A vast blanket pulled over you eyes preventing you from seeing the truth. That spilled coffee? You’ll live. The person who bumps into you on the way to work. An accident. The burglary when you were out – things can be replaced. The football matches, the video games, the long nights in the pub.

They all conjoin to make the fabric of existence, but when it comes down to life and death, these trivialities wash away. In a daze you stumble along, unsure on procedure – should you cry, laugh, sit solemn in silence? How about occupy yourself with a book, your mobile phone or your twitter feed.

Pieces of pointless information flying by in the name of social. Anything but. An informational resource, yes, but tangible communication? Try again. It can bring together in ways unseen, but it subtly pulls you apart from the inside

“I’ll see you next week.” Online. Well, you won’t. Even with Skype you’re interacting through a screen, unable to touch. I strug

At this point we were called away by the Doctor and I didn’t finish my thoughts. Thanks for reading.


What Barack Obama’s Book Has Taught Me

How can your mission in life change in an instant?

I’ve grappled with my current journey a lot recently and it’s evident that a return to reading is changing everything. I’ve just finished Barack Obama’s autobiography (if you can call it that) and there’s one particular point that stands out.

The text overall is a fascinating insight into Obama’s life. Whether he’s discussing issues of race, his false start in life or his earlier years in Hawaii and Indonesia, he doesn’t hold back. I expected a political bore fest. What I actually got was a re-evaluation of what’s life’s all about.

Consumerism is a lie – I’ve always known this, but it’s a fact that’s very difficult to escape. The world is what it is and it takes a huge amount of effort to go against this conformity.

Before you ask, I’m not off to join a commune.

In Obama’s book he describes an encounter at 22 years old. A particularly astute man questions his career choice with the words, ‘don’t waste your youth. Don’t wake up old, tired and [for the sake of this argument] regretful.’

Our time on this earth is limited. The key is having no regrets. ‘Stuff’ is essentially pointless and recently I’ve been clearing out vast amounts of junk that doesn’t hold any value to me. Life is about experience. This TED talk is particularly relevant and well worth the watch.

I’ve always seen myself moving slowly towards a counterculture existence – a movement which begun with my discovery of beat poetry at University. I’ll get there eventually. It’ll be a modern version – living by 1950s counterculture ideals is impossible in 2012, but the belief that things don’t equal happiness is still easy to live by.

Sometimes there’s a point to these mini essays. Sometimes there’s no meaning behind them. Other times I write them for a future self that holds the key to the lock. Who knows.


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