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Commitment is hard. Life throws things at you that you think you’re capable of handling, when in reality; you just need to get away from them. I love my portfolio and blog – it’s been running four years now and prior to January 2011 I’d regularly add my thoughts every couple days, if not every day.

Yet when I decided to partake in the One A Day Project this year I chose to do a post every weekday to prevent burnout. This sadly hasn’t done enough to stem the feeling of stagnation.

I’ve already made a ton of new friends and strengthened my relationships with others.

Rather than churn out content for sake of it, I’m going back to my previous, when it hits me write about it, schedule. When it’s a good photograph, I’ll share it not because I have to, but because I want to. Rather than searching for content, I’m going to let the best of my ability come to me and go with the flow

I’m still going to post regularly, but with Faces of London taking off I’d rather devote my time to things I want to do, without the pressure. I get enough deadlines at work working for Bamboo PR, so coming home and knowing I have to do a blog post is sad.

I have full respect for Jen and everyone else who survived last year’s effort. It’s a truly remarkable thing. Best of luck for the rest of the year. 80 days survived, maybe next year I’ll go the whole way.


One A Day is a decent portrait. Showcased on Faces of London yesterday.

Really not feeling #oneaday at the moment, so expect more photos as the days go by, (not that that’s a bad thing…)

Mass Graves

Courtesy of The Telegraph

Disclaimer: I am currently reviewing Homefront for Xboxer360. The following One A Day post is filled with spoilers, so if you don’t wish to know what happens in the game, please do not read on. The full review can be found here.

I’ve never seen a mass grave and in all honesty have little desire to. The horrific conclusion of genocide, weapons of mass destruction, and natural disasters is an inhumane method of remembrance. Shoved into a hole, with however many other poor souls, mass burial is often something that no-one should be subject to, let alone witness. Depending on faith, individuals should be buried alone, (or with loved ones), and cremated, etc. Not given to the earth like a landfill.

Mass burial isn’t anything particularly new. After all, we’re subjected to the sight in war films and especially those dealing with the Holocaust. In these cases, their representation is often required for historical accuracy. It’s necessary to convey the raw scale of the industrial slaughter of an entire race.

So why does Homefront, THQ’s latest shooter, feel it a wise narrative choice to show the player a mass grave – a giant pit of death at the hands of an imaginary United Korean invasionary force. Is it an attempt to seem adult, showing that the entertainment form is capable of dealing with big-boy material? Maybe it thinks it’s an important plot device to drive on the player in his quest for revolution.

Bury The Controversy

Who knows, but whatever the intention, the way the game handles the event is misplaced. With KPA soldiers scouring the battleground for you, you’re forced to jump in and cosy up with the dead inhabitants of the hellhole. In doing so, we’re supposed to feel disgusted, appalled and willing to do anything to survive.

But no matter how good graphics eventually get, putting an event like this will never have the desired effect. There’s no lasting impact, it’s severely hollow because a minute later the player is back to blowing up tanks and burning enemies to the ground.

Some would argue it’s another missed opportunity, maybe even a direct attempt to court controversy like MW:II’s terrorist scene, but I’d argue that the opportunity was never there. What I hope this will do is spark discussion. What are other controversial parts of games that you think are misplayed. Maybe you’re the opposite and have a counterargument.

Feel free to @M_Fiori or leave a comment below.


Titled Boat

Still going through my Southend photos for One A Day. Love the tone and angles on this. Featured on Faces of London today.

Legs To The Sky

When driving through Southend to try and find somewhere to park, this absolutely crazy man around three stories high, was showing off his acrobatic skills. Totally insane, he’s got no fear.


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