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I’ve Got You Under My Skin

The last few months have been fairly cultural. I’m a big fan of art,  theatre and cinema and the older I get, the more I want to see – I’ve got a real thirst for knowledge that’ll hopefully continue through my life. If I could just recover my passion for reading, that’d be great (it was destroyed by my Literature degree). Anyway, cultural musings aside, a while ago I went to see Hayfever at the Rose Theatre with Captain Chants. Not knowing anything about the show (she kindly provided a free ticket), I approached the performance without expectation. Surprisingly, to both of us, it proved to be a wonderful play, rich in black comedy and unique melodrama. I’m unsure as to whether it’s still being shown, but if so, I implore everyone to see it. It’s really spurred me on to see more theatre and if anyone’s interested in going with me, please get in touch.

Not content with Hayfever, I went to see Grease at The Picadilly theatre in the West End three weeks ago. I’d originally seen it in April, but the performance was cancelled halfway through thanks to a power failure. This time around there weren’t any issues and because it’s been months since I last went, the cast has changed allowing me to approach the musical with fresh eyes. Grease is a favourite of mine (West Side Story is the other) so it was great to see the songs in the flesh. Anyone who enjoyed the film will love the live version, even if the script is slightly different (due to obvious stage limitations).

Finally worth sharing is that I’m off to see The Rat Pack tribute act down in Southampton next Saturday. I’m really looking forward to it (having seen them perform a year ago in London) and again, while they might not be the originals, having a chance to hear a Sinatra clone sing live is an exciting opportunity.


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